Vert.x - A reactive toolkit to enjoy the Cloud & Containers world

Le Mardi 26 juin 2018 à partir de 18h30

Avec Clement Escoffier

The reactive movement proposes a way to build distributed system infusing asynchrony at the heart of the application. Reactive promises more responsiveness, robustness and interactivity. They efficiently use the CPU and memory making them perfectly suited for the Cloud & Containers world. However, reactive is challenging. How do you exchange messages, handle concurrent requests asynchronously, process streams, develop asynchronous code?

Eclipse Vert.x offers everything you need to build such a system. Vert.x is a toolkit to build reactive distributed systems and enables the development of reactive microservices running seamlessly and efficiently in containerized environments. Vert.x combines an asynchronous execution model, Reactive eXtensions, and a thrilling ecosystem. It’s also incredibly flexible - whether it’s an API gateway, sophisticated web applications, or a high-volume event processing, Vert.x is a great fit.

This session explains why reactive and Vert.x are important when building distributed and Cloud applications. After an explanation about “Why Vert.x”, the session also covers the “How to Vert.x” by showing a set of demos covering Restful applications, edge services and streaming / IOT pipelines