The Butler is still young. Pipeline as Code with Jenkins

Le Mercredi 25 avril 2018 Ă  partir de 18h30

Avec Oleg Nenashev

Almost everybody knows Old Faithful Jenkins… and probably hates its job configuration pages, right? But there are good news: Jenkins actively adopts modern trends and evolves in order to stay relevant in the new era. One of the hottest areas is Jenkins Pipeline, which allows describing complex automation as code in Groovy-based DSLs.

We will talk about Jenkins Pipeline and its fresh-new features. How does it help to organize automation in your projects? How does it improve the developer experience? What is BlueOcean? What is the difference between Declarative and Scripted definitions? How to effectively develop Pipelines and to migrate Jenkins instances to them?

During the presentation I am going to show some demos and answer questions about specific Pipeline use-cases. If you want to bring-up topics for an unconference-alike discussion, please feel free to send them in advance.