How to NOT do benchmarking and Just Qs

Le Mardi 10 décembre 2019 à partir de 18h30

Avec Francesco Nigro

Francesco Nigro will present two subjects during this JUG session :

How to NOT do benchmarking

Doing benchmarking right isn’t easy: anything can just gone wrong with the many optimisations that a modern JVM can do. What makes things even more complex is that using new tools (like JMH) won’t help but to have a sharper razor to be cut with: learning by (negative) examples what to NOT do while benchmarking is an entertaining and useful way to learn how to do them right.

Just Qs

Concurrent queues are almost everywhere: they are the building block of many well-known libraries and widely adopted frameworks. Although most people assume them to be a “solved problem” is fascinating to see how much recent are the most interesting improvements on them.

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