GreenIT: Actionable Solutions for Environmental Sustainability

Le Mardi 28 février 2023 à partir de 18h30

Avec Sarah Genoud-Prachex

GenevaJUG will welcome Sarah Genoud-Prachex

The topic of sustainable environment is gaining more and more visibility now-a-days and many experts are of the opinion that it will have as important an impact on enterprises as did the digital revolution.

The goal of this talk is to present the digital footprint we are constantly leaving and the effect it is having on our environment, and also make some practical suggestions as to where we can concentrate our efforts to minimise this aftermath.

HEPIA salle B119 est situé Rue de la Prairie 4, 1202 Genève

Transport public : Gare Cornavin à proximité, TPG Arrêt Lyon, Prairie

Parking : Below HEPIA building