A Quarkus Introduction for Spring Developers

Le Mardi 5 septembre 2023 à partir de 18h30

Avec Hans Peter Grahsl

It’s 2023, and many developers out there have certainly heard about Quarkus, which is a very competitive contender in the space of server-side Java development frameworks. However, companies are somewhat hesitant to look deeper into it. On the one hand, there are a few misconceptions about Quarkus out there and on the other hand, developers are somewhat afraid that they need to (re-)learn everything from scratch to make use of Quarkus.

This session starts by giving a very brief overview of Quarkus and then focuses on discussing how certain concepts and conventions familiar to Spring developers map to Quarkus. Additionally, we cover selected parts of the Spring APIs compatibility layer and why it can be helpful to either quickly get going with Quarkus or transition existing Spring (Boot)-based workloads to Quarkus.

Using an exemplary application, we are exploring how the Spring and Quarkus versions stack up against each other regarding aspects such as artefact size, startup time, or memory consumption for both, the “standard” JVM mode and GraalVM’s native image mode.

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