One Slide Session Nothing Compares to ...Vanilla Java EE 6!

Le Lundi 18 avril 2011 à partir de 18h30

Avec Adam Bien

Java Champion Adam Bien, the author of Real World Java EE Patterns, will be throwing away the slide-deck as he demonstrates, from the ground up, just how easy it is to create a simple, light-weight and easy to develop Java EE 6 application from scratch.

You don’t believe the hype about Java EE 6 being lightweight and easy to use? You still haven’t forgiven enterprise Java for the mistakes of J2EE? If you’ve left the enterprise Java standard for another framework, take just one hour out of your day to attend this interactive demonstration, and undoubtedly, Java EE 6 will win you back.

Watch and participate as Adam develops a Java EE 6 application with a JSF 2.0 UI running over EJB 3.1, using REST, asynchronous processing, CDI and JPA 2; and all of this with unit tests included, all within an hour. And it’s all done from scratch, without wizards, templates or code generation. This is rarely possible with any other platform, but it’s “business as usual” in Java EE 6.

This session shows new Java EE 6 features in a continuous demo style. Attendees questions will be answered with working code